A Surprise under our combing

The combing of our boat is one of her splendid features, long and sweeping to the heart shaped transom, but they are cloaked in the same soggy and worn teak that used to cover the cockpit floor and seats. Since removing this is even more of an ordeal because of all the hardware mounted on the combing. We are putting that job off till summer.

The port side combing has a large crack where it meets the bulkhead, we filled it as good as we could but it continues up and under the teak boards. I could pick up one of the boards and squirt a bunch of sealant in there and it fixed the biggest leak, but the plywood under this leak looked very funny.


Yikes its alive!

This is the view looking forward at the interior bulkhead under this crack. I poked around and it dissolved.WET ROT!



This shows the damage from the inside.  Total rot all under the fiber glass tabbing and quite far in all directions. We excavated out the rotted wood, but should probably replace a bigger area.  Now we have a hole in our nav station wall. Another project that must wait for summer.

This is what it looks like with the headliner off – showing the underside of the combing and the super thick coring. Salt trails still hang on from her time out in the big salty sea. Some of the larger black areas were oozing some ‘rotten core juice’ – but really not so much as one would expect.


After removing the mahogany planks we were able to reach up and re-bed the gate stanchions which were leaking, and we tried to repair some seemingly leaking hardware on the teak rail. That is a bigger nightmare to have gotten into just as the weather was turning rainy, so guess what? Wait till summer!


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