Photo Gallery – bye-bye teak decking, hello grunge

The teak decking was falling off in places all by itself, which made certain sections easier. Previous shipwrights had epoxy filled previous holes, and made some new ones. The screws were epoxied in and they had to first be excavated to try to find a viable head. Often the boards were so rotten and soggy they just broke off at the screws.

To dry everything out we erected a clear tarp structure over the cockpit. Luckily most of the core rot was only around certain screw holes. Right at one of the major traffic areas there were significant wet rotted holes and gel coat cracks with the coring actually showing through in spots. The coring was coming out in chunks that looked like roast beef.  Boy were we freaked out at this point. We did some emergency epoxy patching but were very worried.



These are some of horrendous things awaiting us under the boards.


Michael filled upwards of 155 holes so far, and we are still finding some more things to patch! Here is what can be done with elbow grease, dental tools, Bon-Ami, brass brushes.


Soon we will be ready to apply a new layer of non-skid called Kiwi-Grip.





5 thoughts on “Photo Gallery – bye-bye teak decking, hello grunge

  1. Kiwi Grip is very well regarded by owners on the site. And a friend of ours applied it to their remanufactured Cascade 36, berthed beside me @ our moorage. Good call, imho.


  2. I don’t envy you! So far our teak decks on our 36C look to be in good shape. We’ll get a better idea once we remove our headliner.


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