Adventures in Kiwi-Grip

At last we had some warm and dry weather to get our deck coating on. We kept cleaning and fairing and cleaning and fairing to the point where the decks looked fine enough that we considered just painting. The Kiwi Grip proved to be the right choice. It reminds me of thickened artists paint – something I’m very comfortable with.

Since we were thinking this would be covering our pretty deep waffle type non-skid we laid it on a pretty thick on the first section. Time settles the material and the waffle showed through – but not in a bad way at all.

We saved the large area of the cockpit floor for last, thinking that our technique might improve. We did a very accurate job of drafting our edges, using circle templates and spacer tools to achieve uniform borders and curves. I traced the first cockpit drain curve, flipped it and fit it to the second one. To make sure we got a really good bond at the edge, we faired the painted edge where the teak used to be and drew the line over all that into the clean border. A multitude of sins gone!

Masking all those curves was tedious but light work and took most of the time. You have to pull the masking tape off while the stuff is wet so the edge can slump over and round itself off. So you have to put the tape down in a certain way as to get a good clean pull off in the right direction so you don’t get the stuff all over everything.


Luckily Kiwi-Grip is water soluble so cleanup is easy and it is easy to rub off, especially before it is allowed to set up all the way.

We decided to do our cockpit floor in four sections and to work our way towards the companionway. We got everthing masked off and realized that we were probably not going to have enough left of the gallon. So we spread it sort of thin in the last quarter and put down a touch-up second coat two weeks later during the next weather window. Adding a second coat was easy and helped to cover the much more bumpy sections where bigger holes were repaired.




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