Butterflies are Free

With cracked and crazed plexiglass, and light showing through the wood joinery, our butterfly hatch was leaking in many places. We started dismantling and refinishing in June and it wasn’t done until August!

assemblyAfter disassembling the windows, which required de-bunging and removing about 40 screws per side, we had the old plexiglass out and got new thicker panels cut to size at Tapp Plastics.



To get accurate hole placement, we borrowed these punches from our pirate friend Blue. He also happens to have a drill press, so we took our replacement plexi-windows to his workshop and started drilling the holes. We learned that you can’t use regular drill bits, because they can crack the plexiglass. Thanks again Blue, for all the great help.



Blue gave us more useful help in marking all the holes exactly on blue tape and drawing circles around them so everything is clear.


Michael finishes all four panels – but it took some time as the holes had to each be countersunk after they were drilled.




After sanding all the old finish off the beautiful golden teak emerged. The windows are at the end of their service life, but replacing them is not an option at this point in our budget so Michael got out the west systems and we started filling in the gaps and holes with plenty of epoxy! More sanding a cleaning and plenty of coats of Cetol and they are ready to take on the elements again!






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