What does it look like under that teak?

September is bring the promise of needed rain in the PNW, and the summer has gotten away from us. So we just jumped into this project last week! When we got the boat surveyed there was much concern about coring rot under these old teak combing boards.

Lacking a spanner to get the winch off, we came up with the idea to use two drill bit held by a portable bench vise! Worked like a charm. We pulled out a total of 80 bungs per side! The port side bungs were pretty difficult to remove as some previous shipwright had put epoxy on top of the screw heads! With gentle coaxing the old boards parted from their sticky bedding. After scraping, scratching and scrubbing like fiends we got the gelcoat really clean and ready for new non skid. Our girl is breathing a sigh of relief now with all this gone. Michael got busy  injecting epoxy into all those screw holes, sealing gel coat cracks and fairing over the previous repairs with a thicker layer of epoxy.


We’ll post pictures when the combing is finished. Spice Packet is just getting better and better!





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