We both had dreams to live-aboard boats, to cruise the world and to live a different life. That different life began in June when we took the big step of falling in love with this boat. She is a different kind of boat – a flush deck cutter designed for distance cruising. Her lines are classic but completely unique, bringing the clipper ship to a 36′ package.

We chose her because she is, well, breathtaking, inside and out. Even the rotting teak decking we knew we’d had to deal with didn’t dissuade us. Even the teenage level acne of hull blisters couldn’t blemish grace of her sleek underbelly. The decades old sails and rigging would have to be replaced. We had her hearts set from the moment we saw her.


The 36 C was designed by the legendary naval architect, Bruce King. This was his favorite boat and he owned hull #3. The boat is over built with extra heavy rigging, designed to be a luxury, fast, cruising yacht. Ericson Yacht company eventually stopped production of these boats because they were too expensive. These early fiberglass boats were stoutly made because they were new to this material’s superior strength. This hull is so reassuringly thick, the hardware massive – we are constantly impressed as we uncover the secret workings of our boat’s construction.


Why Spice Packet? – you may ask. When you smell the galley aromas you will know. Come out for a curry cruise with us!


Our companionway – Pet Baldwin.